Daftar Lagu-lagu yang tercipta selama berproses dengan PAJS dan Yayasan Setara. Pada masa PAJS, banyak lagu tercipta tentang anak jalanan. Sedangkan pada masa Yayasan Setara, lagu-lagu yang tercipta adalah lagu kampanye untuk menentang Eksploitasi Seksual Komersial terhadap Anak. Terkait dengan hal ini, Yayasan Setara telah memproduksi tiga album lagu, yakni: Negeri Kami, Save the Children, dan Eternal Sins

Lagu-lagu Anti Eksploitasi Seksual Komersial terhadap Anak

  • Fajar Hampir Tiba
  • Negeri Kami
  • Rosario

Lagu-lagu Anak Jalanan

2 thoughts on “Lagu

  1. Hello, Ebu Hening!

    This is Lyn from St. Joseph Institution (International) from Singapore. This e-mail is regarding the possibility to do a proposed Short-term Volunteer in Indonesia.
    If you do remember, I have actually went down to Yayasan Setara’s Semarang (Delikrejo and Gunungsari) in Oct 2013, together with School of the Arts, Singapore, to teach the children Music. This time as I am in a new school with a brand new team of 7 students, I was wondering if it would be possible to plan a Environment related project in October in Delikrejo?

    As the previous year when I was down at Delikrejo, we were told to do some environmental related projects too, but we didn’t really fulfil much of it. So I was thinking if I could take this chance, and go back with a new team to help teach the children at Yayasan Setara about Environmental friendliness and also, hopefully to provide with some disposable system within the community.

    My team and I still doesn’t have much concrete plan about the project yet, but we hope to focus more on environmental issues, but if you do have any plans in mind that we can help, please do feel free to share with us and we will see what we can do.

    If this is possible, I hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you!

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